Breakthrough of the year

The 2014 Nanonica Prize has been awarded ex-aequo to:

- Prof. Dr. Hui Ying Yang for the development of an ultralong carbon nanotube-based membrane is able to absorb and remove salts and other contaminants from a solution. This new approach paves the way to a less expensive and more effective technology to purify water.
The research is detailed in the paper "Carbon nanotube membranes with ultrahigh specific adsorption capacity for water desalination and purification"

hui ying yang

Prof. Dr. Hui Ying Yang

Engineering Product Development Singapore
Singapore University of Technology and Design 


Prof. Dr. Michael McAlpine for the creation of the first bionic ear via 3D printing of a cell-seeded hydrogel matrix in the form of human ear, along with a conducting polymer made of infused silver nanoparticles. This approach could bring to the appearance of a new generation of bionic tissues and organs to restore human capabilities.
The research is detailed in the paper "3D Printed bionic ears

michael mcalpine

Prof. Dr. Michael McAlpine

3D Printed Bionic Nanomaterials

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Princeton University

Princeton, New Jersey